About Us

"Simply way to enjoy model funĄ¨ is the commitment of Paper-Pro Modelling.

The existing paper model kits in the market , modelers are required to spend plenty of time on cutting and gluing processes. Due to the various complicated production processes, some of the modelers are easily giving up and unwilling to continuous the production to final products.

We, Paper-Pro Modelling, break-through the traditional paper modeling technique, are using the new and sophisticate techniques to produce a series of accurate paper model kits which cutting, gluing and painting processes are NOT necessary. Modelers can fully enjoy the model fun in simply way they have never had. The Self-detachable Hinge, Sophisticated Structure and Realistic Painting techniques are the special features of Paper-Pro Modelling products. The end products you made will become a valuable masterpieces.

Now, please join us to explore the world of Paper-Pro Modelling and start the journey of "Simply Way to Enjoy Model Fun!"